Hyperspace Basketball Trance

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Throw planets into the hoop of the planet that is the target.
Get stars and diamonds.
Watch out for dangerous asteroids.
Aim at the escaping and disappearing planet hoop.
Collect stars and go to the next levels.
Exchange diamonds for a shield that destroys asteroids!
Exchange diamonds for big hoop to make it easier to throw!
Exchange diamonds for new and better planets!
Have fun and relax with this interesting gameplay.

Easy to control.
Interesting effects of explosions and hitting the target.
105 levels, varying in difficulty!
10 different planets to get and throw!
Challenge 45s, 60s, 75s.
Lots of different asteroids!
Great throwing experience.
Simple but eye-catching graphics.
Pleasant noises.
Fun for everyone!

Tap the Planet and throw it to the Hoop! *mouse or touch(mobile)*
Collect stars and go to the next level!
Collect diamonds and buy new Planets!
Exchange diamonds for Shield Planet and Big Hoop!



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