Knife Hitting : Throw Knife Hit Target

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Let's be the knife master with the ultimate knife challenge is here.
Touch throw the knives into the logs to break them, try to slash the apples, earn gold and beat the bosses.
You only need patience and practice to be a knife master.

"Knife Hitting" gameplay:
- On each level you will get a set of the knives.
- Tap to throw the knives and hit the target
- Slash the apple to earn more gold to unlock knives.
- You must not hit existing knives
- Complete the levels by shooting all the knives on each level.
- If you hit the other knife or spikes, you will be restart the level.
- For each 5th level , you will fight with the bosses

Could you fight and beat all the bosses?

We hope you like our Knife HIt game! If you play and practice enough surely you can master this game quite easily. If you enjoy our game please support us in any way you want!

*mouse*=fire knife
*space*=fire knife



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