Radiation Zone

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It is FPS shooter with zombies and military. Your mission is to clear area from all terrorists on the restricted radiation zone. You can find and use many kind of weapons and amo on the area. Available for You inventory, where you can collect a loot for surving. For example, You can put up a tent and make a fire. For make a tent, you need to collect a four clothes and four branches. Also You need to find a water and food for a life. List of available weapons: sniper rifle, AK-47, knife, rifle, RPG, grenade, Makarov pistol. Good luck for complex mission!

*escape* = go to menu
*WASD* = movement
*ctrl* = crouch
* left shift* = sprint
*q*, *e* = lean left, right
*tab* = inventory
*f* = pick up item or inspect weapon box
*1*..*3* - switch weapons
*left mouse* = fire
*right mouse* =aim
*g* = grenade
*double mouse left* = click on item to use
*double mouse right* = click on item to drop



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